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Custom Home (Now For Sale!)


Though the idea for this project has been in the works for years, we have spent the past six months bringing it to fruition. Like any good design process, this means painstakingly pouring over every detail, considering any and all options, and then testing those options again and again.

 We built both physical and digital models of the lot using official and accurate GIS topographic lines, in order to determine the best grading and slope for the driveway and yard. Likewise, we built physical and digital models of the house to determine the best proportions and layout that will be as pleasing to the eye as they are functionally efficient.

These three-dimensional models eliminated much of the guesswork concerning how the house would look from various vantage points, which helped us refine many of the design details-- such as the slope of the roof or the orientation of the driveway. We looked at the placement of the garage--whether it should be in the basement, attached to the side, or detached from the main house entirely. As for the house itself, should it have a rectilinear footprint, or a square one? (Staying true to Palladian proportions.) Turned 45 degrees from the road, or 60 degrees? Do 14-inch columns on the rear porch appear too thin from a distance? How large can we make the 2-story porch without visually compromising the rear facade of the house?

These are just a few of the countless questions that were asked and debated; drawn up and then thrown out; modeled and then modeled again. They are the kind of questions we continue to ask ourselves as we refine the more cosmetic aspects of the design. However, it makes more sense to do so with the input of the future owner/occupant; which brings up a great point regarding to-be-built homes.

The best part of purchasing a to-be-built home is the fact that you get the home that you want. While we have made the broad strokes of the design, there are still so many details that have yet to be defined. How will your kitchen look? What style of cabinets and counter tops do you prefer? What about your bathroom? Is their a particular shower that you've seen on Pinterest and always wanted? A bathtub?

This is no spec house. We are custom builders, and that is exactly what we do. The house has been designed specifically for this lot, and it is truly one-of-a-kind. From the views that it gives to the various views of the building itself, everything has been considered. We have the blueprints drawn and the permits filed. Now it's time to finish it!




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new construction on an empty lot

5,292 finished sf

4 floors

5 bedrooms

4 and 1/2 baths

2-car garage



covered porch



attic storage

open kitchen plan

2 wet bars

walk-in pantry

butler's pantry

large communal spaces


2 wood-burning fireplaces

rough-in elevator shaft